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"Another HBC™ Law Basic Guide"


"HBC™ Law Basic Guide"

Understanding Surveys

Understanding Surveys

Practical Guides

An overview of the basics.

Survey and the Home Report – A survey is required to provide value and comment on the structure.

You should always have a good read at the survey report that comes as part of the Home Report. Among other things, you should check the value the surveyor has placed on the property and any recommendations for repairs that are required. You may also wish to see if the surveyor has made any comment as to whether or not the property has been altered or extended as this could affect the value and structure.

All In The Detail

The survey also contains other information such as the age of the property and comment regarding the area and surroundings, as well as suitability for mortgage lending.


If you wish to query or doubt check something with us that is revealed in a survey, don’t worry! We’ll take a look free of charge and make and recommendations as appropriate or advise you of any issues that may be raised.




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