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How To Avoid Referral Fees!

"Another HBC™ Law Basic Guide"

Avoid referral Fees!

"HBC™ Law Basic Guide"

How to Avoid referral Fees

How to Avoid referral Fees

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It could cost you over £200 on each transaction, (referral fees, kick backs & Sales Commissions) who do you think pays?

Often when you engage with builders site offices, financial advisers, estate agents and other advisers, you will find that they will refer you to their own chosen solicitor. This is often on the promise of cheap fees or a smooth transaction, an understanding of the particular case or some other nebulous reason.

The truth is that there is sometimes a hidden cost that you end up paying for, often without knowing. Don’t always rely on these third parties pointing you in the right direction as they aren’t always truly independent and many not have your interests at heart.

By cutting out the middleman, you’ll undoubtedly save your own money and receive the same services at a lower rate when you “go direct”.

That’s where HBC Conveyancing come in. We don’t pay anyone for your business and you’ll only ever pay for services you receive. We don’t have anyone telling us to charge more money for business referrals, so you be assured that your case will be dealt with in a totally transparent and cost sensitive manner.

Clients buying new build property are often directed to use a solicitor chosen by the Builder/Seller. The law allows you to instruct a solicitor of your own choosing, not just one recommended to you by the builder/seller. We are sure that they will provide you with the approved legal advice required, yet seeking your own lawyer, independent from the builder/seller has its own benefits. Buying a new build property has its own set of legal rules. It can never hurt to seek a few legal opinions before you sign or bind yourself to any contract. Agreeing to buy a new build or signing up to a builders part exchange contract is no different.




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