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Negotiation Tips

"Another HBC™ Law Basic Guide"

Negotiation Tips

"HBC™ Law Basic Guide"

How To Buy Property

How To Buy Property

Practical Guides

An overview of the basics.

1 – Remember an Estate Agent works for commission, their monthly target and the seller (Not you);

2 – The Home Report must be approved by your bank (Check);

3 – Keep your budget to Yourself. Don’t tell the seller or their Estate Agent;

4 – Surveys set the value so check prices of similar properties; (We can help)

5 – Make the seller & Estate Agent (best if its a property listed by another) know you’re looking at other properties;

6 – Don’t be over enthusiastic with the seller – If you are keen you will pay more;

7 – Don’t confuse independent advise with biased help / opinion;

8 – Always, always view the property and remain in control of the pace of the negotiations;

9 – Look at the local area and facilities (Take a long term view), you will sell the property again;

10 – Only pay what you think it’s worth using the survey and comparable’s as guides.

11 – Get quotes for your work and choose for the right reasons, not just to save a few pounds.

12 – Thousands of pounds are regularly thrown away by buyers not getting good advice. (don’t be one)

How To Sell Property

How To Sell Property

Practical Guides

Some similar to above.

1 – Get your timing right. When to market to avoid strong competition.

2 – Keep things friendly BUT play hard ball through your lawyer.

3 – Don’t highlight any negatives to your property, it’s a buyer beware market.

4 – Avoid being extreme and sell the emotional and practical benefits

5 – Address the purchaser’s barriers to buying, address them directly – never duck away.

6 – If you are keen and in a rush you will get less money

7 – Use small talk to reinforce the above and softly seek out purchasers weaknesses.

8 – Remember your estate agent has monthly targets, never let them run the show.

9 – Manage the information flow and ALWAYS remember speak to your lawyer.

10 – There is a vast difference between selling and negotiating.