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Practical Guide To Legal Searches

What Legal Searches Are Undertaken

Your Standard Legal checks

Search or Purchase Searches Cover
1. Property Matters
  • Local Plan Zoning Information

  • Conservation Areas

  • Tree Preservation Orders

  • Local Plan Proposals and Adverse Development

  • Smoke Control Areas

  • Article 4 Direction

  • Planning Applications for the property in the last five years

  • Enforcement Notices

  • Adverse Notices or Orders under:

Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Acts
Housing (Scotland) Act 1969, 1974, 1987
Building (Scotland) Acts 1959/1970
Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Scotland Act 1997
Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982
Roads (Scotland) Act 1984
Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Part IIA)
  • Listed Building Designation

  • Building Warrants and Decisions on the property in the last five years

  • Enforcement Notices

  • Roads Information ex adverso the subjects

  • Adverse Road Proposals

  • Water & Drainage Information

  Scottish Water Certificate’s are also available by request.
  2. An application for a pre-registration report required in respect of a transaction which will induce First Registration or in cases where Voluntary Registration will be sought. An application for continuation of a pre-registration report. This report can be applied for to update a previous Form10.
  An application for a report over registered subjects. This report should be applied for irrespective of whether the subjects have been fully registered in the Land Register or are currently in the course of registration.
  3.1 If required they can obtain Quick Copies/Extracts of any deed(s) recorded in the Sasine Register. On occasion, where full deed information is not available our experienced team can assist in locating the necessary deed details.
  3.2 Letters of Comfort. A report is created following a site visit, on any unauthorised works. It highlights any contravention of the building regulations applicable at the time the work was undertaken. Together with any remedial works that may be required to avoid further action by the relevant local authority.
  4. Companies Searche by direct access to Companies House, we can check a range of reports and search information on UK companies.
  5. Check the boundaries of your property with a Property Definition Report (PDR) is a comparison between the legal extent of a property and what is shown on the Ordnance Survey map. A PDR is an alternative to the Keepers P16 report and is usually available same day providing the necessary information is provided.
  6. We can arrange for an instant access to an online mapping system which allows us to prepare Deed Plans based on the Ordnance Survey map. These meet all the criteria for first registration and are usually available same day depending on the complexity of the plan.
  7. Personal Searches included or requested if purchasing. An application for a search in the Register of Inhibitions and Adjudications where up to six names can be searched for our standard fee. The period of search is typically five years (to Date of Certificate) unless otherwise specified.
  8. An application for a search in the Register of Insolvencies where up to six names can be searched for our standard fee. The period of search is typically five years (to Date of Certificate) unless otherwise specified.
  9. A roof burdens report is available if selling and required by the purchaser (at an addition cost)ascertains the client’s maintenance responsibilities of a buildings roof by examining the break off deeds.
  10. Sasine searches and interim reports are available (at an additional cost) for when a property is being transferred on a gratuitous basis, or for when loans are being recorded.
  11. Land Register Copy deeds We can provide quick copies of deeds registered (at an additional cost), or in the process of registration. In addition we can also provide quick copies of title sheets, and office copies of both title sheets and charge certificate.
  12. Coal Mining Report. A mining report enables you to determine whether a property has been subject to a coal mining related subsidence damage notice or claim since 1984. It also provides information on past, current and proposed underground coal mining activity along with details of any recorded old coal mineshafts and licences for future mining.
  The report refers to any current or proposed opencast coal mining operations and whether the property was built over a worked out opencast site. The report also includes details of mine gas emissions and incidents dealt with under the Authority’s emergency Surface Hazard call out procedure.
  13. Ground Stability Report if realy required (at an additional cost) . The ground stability report includes detailed information from the Coal Authority identifying the environmental and stability risk arising from any past, current or proposed underground or surface coal mining activity that affects a property. This includes subsidence claims, reported hazard incidents and mine gas emissions.
  The British Geological Survey (BGS) provide unique information about natural ground stability within a 50 metre radius of the property. The information in the ground stability report is derived from a variety of sources including detailed digital geological mapping, recorded incidents and, most importantly, input from experienced geologists.
  Ground movement occurs naturally and depends on the nature and composition of the underlying geology. The BGS has identified 6 natural hazards, which may cause ground movement.
Shrink-swell clays
  Clay rich soils will shrink and swell with seasonal weather changes causing ground movement. Movement may also occur from both the planting and removal of trees or leaks from water pipes or drains.Landslides
  These occur in certain conditions and depend on the geology, angle of slop, drainage, rainfall and a change in the drainage pattern.Soluble rocks
  In certain parts of the country some rocks can dissolve from moving water giving rise to cavities and subsidence. This is most likely in areas where gypsum or salt occur but can be a potential hazard in areas of limestone and chalk.Compressible and collapsible ground
  Information is given on areas prone to compression or collapse when a load is applied, such as the building of a new house or structure.Running sand
  Areas are identified where it is possible for sand to run into a void due to water pressure and cause collapse.

  14. Scottish Water Certificate. we can arrange for (at an additional cost) Scottish Water Property Search Certificates, and plans of public water mains and sewers.
  15. Environmental Search. If required (at an additional cost) an application for a report that provides essential environmental information to home buyers and vendors for any property in England, Wales and Scotland.

This is a summary of the basics. If you wish to know more information please call us on 0141 776 2291.

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