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Fully Regulated and Authorised - Our Solicitors practicing in England & Wales are required to comply with Chapter 9 of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”) Handbook ‘Fee Sharing and Referrals’ and our Licensed Conveyancers with the CLC's Disclosure of Profits and Advantage Code. Solicitors practicing in Scotland are required to comply with the Law Society of Scotland Practice Rules 2011; and all our solicitors practicing in Northern Ireland must adhere to Solicitors Practice Regulations 2013. We only work with professional and experienced conveyancing solicitors, who may contact you directly.

Practical Advice

1. How Much Does Conveyancing Cost?

Scottish conveyancing costs can be broken down into two parts, your Legal Costs and your Outlays.

• What are the Legal Costs? Legal costs is the sum of money you pay for using your lawyer. In Scotland they can be between £250-£350, other agents may charge much more.

• What are conveyancing Outlays? Outlays are the costs your lawyer needs to pay others on your behalf. Here are a few links to help you calculate your main outlays.

• Outlays include your Stamp Duty (LBTT in Scotland), registration costs to The Registers Of Scotland, estate agent, lender and searches required.

• Conveyancing search costs in Scotland typicaly cost £220. In Scotland the process can be more complex and individual but your lawyer will itemise them to help you budget.


Offering For A Property

Getting accurate conveyancing fees and up to date property advice is critical. Here at HBC we offer daily for properties and as such we can advise you of the up to date property prices. You can obtain information on similar properties which have sold and the prices they reached yet these sums are historical and as we all know the prices can fluctuate on a month by month basis. Always remember that prices can be affected by the level of competition. If several houses go up for sale in the same area this has a profound effect on the price's this would not be reflected in the historical data.

You want to know the costs at the start !

NOT at the end? Some Firm's and Websites conveyancing fees and quotes state that they are fixed, but are they? Look at the small print. Does your quote say the dreaded words “this quote is for a standard transaction”? So what is a standard transaction? ... Is your idea of a standard transaction the same as the solicitor's?. From Glasgow conveyancing to the highlands and islands Of Scotland.

OK, how about some straight facts!

... Like an MOT for your car, you're NEVER going to get a full and complete FIXED FEE! Sorry but it's a fact! I know you want to believe it and you have heard the urban myths, but it's best that you understand that straight-forward transactions cost less, but some cost more. Regardless of which conveyancing fees you look at a totally fixed fee is a myth. Hopefully your transaction is simple, but at an early stage who knows what will be required? For example, your bank or the solicitor for the purchaser may want a flood or environmental report; alteration documents; coal report; extra searches to check the boundaries; or there may find a defect in the property that requires to be fixed before you can use the loan funds. The list can be endless.

 Legal Fees | Conveyancing Fees
 Legal Fees | Conveyancing Fees
 Legal Fees | Conveyancing Fees
 Legal Fees | Conveyancing Fees


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 Legal Fees | Conveyancing Fees
 Legal Fees | Conveyancing Fees