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THE BENEFITS - Our panel firms offer Free Offers, Free notes of interest. Furthermore there are no up front fees or charges, you only make payment when you have secured your property and you get the keys. Similarly if you are selling you only pay when the deal is done.

FREE SERVICE TRIAL - Again our panel of residential conveyancing lawyers offer you a free service trial. It's a true statement of how confident our firms are that you will love the service offered. If you have never used one of our firms or you are a first time buyer, how do you know how good they are? With nothing to pay upfront and a Free Service trial you really have nothing to lose. We think this unique package is by far the best on offer.


compare Greenock conveyancing fees calculator, property lawyer quotes, legal costs of moving home

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compare Greenock conveyancing fees calculator, property lawyer quotes, legal costs of moving home

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Compare conveyancing fees

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Flooding Risk – How to avoid when buying? We’ve all watched the news this year and the sad sight of people losing their homes to flooding. For many families and businesses, the difficulties will go on for months as even after the water has gone, the repair work will begin. There are many reasons for flooding and heated debate as to how this should be alleviated, but what can you do before buying to ensure that you are not likely to face this risk to your home and family. For many first time buyers, they need practical and straight talking advice to cover the many issues. Our law firms are always on hand to help.

A Guide To Boundary Disputes If you are seeking advice on a boundary Issue there are several factors you will require to appreciate. Plans and The Registers.

1. The legal extent of any property, by this we mean the actual land registered under your ownership can vary from what you are actually using. This can be as simple as the fence being in the wrong location or over the use of land successive owners consider that they own it.

2. The Registers plans can differ. If unregistered the plans can be very vague and in some cases there may not be a plan but a description based on objects or building which have long since gone. If Registered the plan can lack in precise sizes and details. They most probably will not tell you if the wall is on your land or another’s.

3. Property descriptions may in some cases help and they may detail the land features, walls fields etc.

A Guide To Family Transfers Keeping the costs down. Buying, selling and transferring property to a family member can be straight forward. To this end and as long as everyone is happy to proceed peacefully (without conflict) the costs, timescales and stress can be kept to a minimum.

If everyone is in agreement the work can be kept to a minimum by using differing lawyers in the same firm. This has the added benefit of avoiding the extra expenses and adversarial nature of the transaction. It can also keep the red tape and missives to a minimum, which is all good for you the clients. If this is the case and you wish to save money just give us a call and we can put you in the right direction. . .

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Uderstanding Fixed Fees So you were given a Fixed Fee for your legal work? Are you really sure? In the world of law caveats and exceptions are abound. One in particular is the area of conveyancing or property law. Buying or selling property is akin to buying or selling a second hand car. Your car will require too be of a certified legal standard. Defects or legal changes to the legal standard will require work, sometimes inexpensive but it can be very costly. Now let’s not confuse the costs for your lawyer with the costs of the work, documents, reports and government charges as both require to be paid. Well unless your lawyer has given you a fixed fee! In our experience you are as likely to find a motor garage to give you a fixed fee (Total Fee) to MOT and repair your car without examining it as you are to find a lawyer who will give you a fixed fee.

In Summary We have found 3 types of legal fees.

1. The fixed fee, subjects to exceptions.

2. The pay by the hour fee quote.

3. The price list.

Registration And Ownership Was it the house, just a building, an area of ground or a little piece of the country? The answer is probably all of these things. Starting from the ground up you own the area of ground outlined on the plan on the Land Register. Think of it as an area on the flat (sometimes hilly) surface of the earth. You own this and the publication of this on the Land Register ensures that everyone else knows that you own it. Now you’re starting to think that you’ve paid a lot of money for that area of ground, aren’t you. So where’s the value?

Well, first of all, remember that there is a finite amount of ground available that has to go around everyone in the country. Generally, the more people that want your ground then the more valuable your ownership is. We’ve all heard the maxim ‘location, location, location’ – and it’s true that the value is often derived from where the property is. For example, it’s often more expensive to buy property in central cities or those with beach views than more provincial areas. Buying or selling can be expensive, but always remember that you can save huge amount of money by using the correct team.

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Do you want to save money on your conveyancing fees and receive an excellent service? We provide you with instant online estimates and legal quotes and see whats on offer. Our panel of solicitors are ready to move quickly on your house sale, purchase or remortgage. All you need to do is run a quick free comparison quote online or just call us for more information

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*** Greenock Conveyancing Experts For 10 Years & Unbeaten For Advice, Fees and Returning Clients For Over 10 Years. No Upfront Costs, free Offers, No Completion No Fee. All Greenock conveyancing work is carried out by fully regulated Scottish Solicitors and Notaries. All legal work is regulated by the Law Society Of Scotland, fully insured and backed by the Solicitors Guarantee Fund.

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*** All Greenock conveyancing work is carried out by fully regulated Scottish Solicitors and Notaries. All legal work is regulated by the Law Society Of Scotland, fully insured and backed by the Solicitors Guarantee Fund.

You want to know the costs at the start! NOT at the end? Some quotes state that their fees are fixed. This may not be the case. Be sure to read the small print. If it says “this quote is for a standard transaction,” is that a fixed fee? It means that the fees will change. What is considered a standard transaction? Your idea of a standard transaction will not be what the solicitor calls a standard transaction. If not standard extra fees will be applied. Ask what is included for the proce. Ask what extra you will pay. As such it is not a fixed fee.

Where and how to save money. Buying, selling, or maybe your transferring property? You need to keep your cosst down. Why pay more. Our expert lawyers know how to keep your costs down. They can help you negotiate with Estate Agents. Pass the costs to the over party. They can help you avoid the costs by negotiating for you. They will send ou a fully written and detailed quote. They can help help with all sorts of residential conveyancing services. Providing you with HBC Conveyancing Quotes from a expert solicitor. Your written quote includes the legal fee and a list of the additional costs. HBC provide you with more than a transparent legal quote. There are many benefits offered as part of the service. So choose a law firm who help you avoid the costs and negotiate.

Legal quotes should not dependent on the price of the property. You should only pay for the work you need. A fixed fee usually includes work you may not need. Why pay for work you don't need. Get a list of what you are paying for. Remember, like an MOT for a car. No garage can give you a fixed fee unless they have inspected the vehicle. So your HBC Conveyancing quotes remain an estimate until all the facts are known. You can call and we can tailor your quote. We don’t believe in higher initial legal fees because the property price differs. What is needed is what you pay for.

Greenock Conveyancing Solicitors Fees and costs are narrated and easy to follow. No costs are charged by the hour. No costs are charged per telephone call or per letter. Just use our online calculator to get an intant estimate. Our service and prices remain unbeaten. HBC Conveyancing, unbeaten for over 10 years. It's time to save money.

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When you decide to Sell, Purchase or Tranfer your property, we are here to help. We have a proven track record for over 10 Years in Scottish property (Residential and Commercial). We've helped over 150,247 home movers save thousands of pounds. From help in appointing an Estate Agent to Negotiation Tips. We also provide legal Guides and practical advice. Just drop us an email, phone or if easier read through our extensive Online Guides.


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Assumptions create 70% of all Greenock conveyancing stress and issues. We make assumptions every minute of every day. Something happens and we instantly assign meaning to it. That is an assumption. Yet our Greenock conveyancing solicitors are here to keep you informed. The residential legal system in Scotland is constantly changing. What your solicitor is reqired by law to do and what is required of you keeps changing. We start imagining and reasoning what is going on. We look at social media and ask friends, what they think, what they experienced. We rationalise an entire assumed story based on assumptions and we believe it. One assumption leads to another assumption; we jump to conclusions and we take it personally. Almost all conflicts and desisions we take are based on assumptions. Assumptions are nothing more than false stories that we are telling ourselves. They create a big drama for no reason because they aren’t based on fact. If you really want to avoid the stress of moving. Ensure that your experience is a possitive one and you are informed, why not just ask your property solicitor?