Scottish Commercial leases



Scottish Commercial leases

Scottish Commercial leases

Purchasing your own commercial premises is an exciting part of the growth of any business. It is a demonstration of your commercial security to customers, suppliers and partners. We know that in a commercial centres throughout the country businesses are well aware that they need to make the right move at the right time for the right reasons. The HBC Commercial Conveyancing Team continue to work hard to ensure that business clients are only charged for the work they require and ensure that you get the best deal for your legal work. With that ethos, we help to make the decision to invest in commercial property or lease property that little bit easier. We can help with your commercial property needs wherever you are located in Scotland.  

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With Free offers and negotiations and with not a penny to pay until your transaction settles, choosing HBC could not be easier. If you are unable to visit your Lawyer at the offices we can arrange a work place visit. With our Lawyers covering the whole of Scotland meetings can easily be arranged to ensure that your transaction progresses as smoothly as possible. Taking time out to visit legal offices can be avoided, unless you wish to call in. Documents can be emailed or posted  to you for signing and return to your lawyer.

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Retail – Leisure – Industrial – Commercial – Leases – Land Acquisition – Hospitality  – Commercial Purchase & Sales – Recreational – Offices – Technology – Manufacturing


Legal Advice & Drafting of Leases

10 Important lease considerations 

  1. * Price – how much do you have to pay and when; what’s included?
  2. * Duration – how long does the lease last?
  3. * Use – check that you can use the property for your intended purpose.
  4. * Rates – do you know how much you will pay and the exemptions available?
  5. * Repairs & Insurance – is the tenant or landlord responsible for this?
  6. * Rent Review – is there one and what might this cost?
  7. * Survey – consider instructing one to prevent future costs.
  8. * Break Clause – is there flexibility for you if you wish to end the lease early?
  9. * Termination – how does the lease end and are you entitled to a new lease?
  10. * Sublet – can you sublet all or any of the space should you wish to?

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leasesScottish Commercial leases   Scottish Scottish Commercial Leases

Scottish Commercial leases for £495.00 +vat

Expert Legal Advice Throughout Scotland

HBC Commercial Property

As Scottish Property Experts HBC Commercial are in the unique position to offer its clients a truly competitive deal. Working throughout the whole of Scotland ensuring clients do not need to pay the huge commercial fees to get their commercial lease work done. Only charging clients for the work that is required does allow the costs saved and the service high. With work place visits, no up front fees or costs and not a penny to pay if you do not proceed HBC are confident that you will be happy to return again and again.

 Scottish Commercial leases Scottish Commercial leases  Scottish Commercial leases Scottish Commercial leases Scottish Commercial leases Scottish Commercial leases  600-Banner-Opening-Times-HBC-Conveyancing Scottish Commercial leases Scottish Commercial leases

Commercial Law Made Easy

Practical advice and quotes for occupational Leases for commercial property. Your appointed lawyer will guide you through the potential issues you may not have considered providing a legal arm to your business development. From VAT, stamp duty and break options to retaining business flexibility  HBC Commercial offer an individual service with work place visits to aid your lawyer help and understand your business. Providing a further network of businesses and business support beyond the normal legal service. All for great prices.

Before you commit to a property  

Talk to HBC Commercial and we’ll make sure that you’ve thought about the important points.

Commercial Property

You should also check with the local council that there are no planning or environmental health rules, which may negatively affect how the premises can be used for trade. Obtaining permissions can take some time and approval may only happen at certain times in the year, so check with the authorities.

The lease will govern the practical issues that form the agreement between tenant and landlord. As in most legal matters, the devil is in the detail so when looking at price for example, you should also consider such matters as deposits payable, whether VAT is applicable, forms of payment and the regularity of this. With HBC Commercial, your appointed solicitor will make sure that these areas are addressed.

Look closely at business leases. Remember, they are not as easy to get out of as they are to get into, so look over its terms and always ask us if you have any questions. Generally new businesses lease property as large deposits are required to buy. Not many new businesses can therefore afford to buy premises; therefore keeping your business flexible in the early stages may be of importance.

Are there provisions for the landlord to re-value the lease or for the tenant to break from the lease? This is important to know, as you may require flexibility as to the duration of the lease and understand the consequences of any improvements you intend to make to the property.

Also for consideration are the costs of repairing and insuring the property – conditions that often fall to the tenant.  Are service and maintenance charges included and does this include cleaning? Are any shared services such as parking, security, reception staff included? If not how much are these? Are utilities (gas electric, water, phone/communication lines, air conditioning) included?

You’ll also need advice on matters such as registration and recording of the lease, whether or not tax is payable and the implications of the length and overall value of the lease. With HBC Commercial, your appointed solicitor will guide you through this. After all, it’s what we do!

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Scottish Commercial leases