Right To Buy The Facts



You probably know that your right to buy your home is set out in law (well for the time being) and you probably know that housing associations and councils are reluctant to sell. So in knowing these facts it is not a surprise that for you to buy you have to adhere to very strict rules.



Forst-time-buyers-200x200-What-to-offerThe first hurdle is by far the biggest. You have from the issue of your offer only a very short window to accept in writing through your lawyer the offer to buy. (this is not the same as calling them and saying that you will buy). This timeline is further complicated as many stipulate that if you wish to negotiate or amend the offer in any way is must be done through your lawyer within a few weeks of the date on the offer (not the date you get the offer in the post).

On another point the law states that you can buy the property but it does not bind the council or housing association to the costs of selling. To this end you as the buyer require to pay for the searches and the extra registration costs. This tends not to be as much of an issue in England and Wales where this is standard practice. In Scotland the sellers normally pays for the searches.

For a greater understanding of the costs, procedures and to ensure that you do not loose your chance to buy you better call either ourselves or your appointed lawyer without delay. as the clock is ticking.



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