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Edinburgh Commercial leases

Purchasing your own commercial premises is an exciting part of the growth of any business. It is a demonstration of your commercial security to customers, suppliers and partners. We know that in a commercial center such as Aberdeen, businesses are well aware that they need to make the right move at the right time for the right reasons. The HBC Commercial Conveyancing Team continue to work hard to ensure that business clients are only charged for the work they require and ensure that you get the best deal for your legal work. With that ethos, we help to make the decision to invest in commercial property or lease property that little bit easier.

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HBC Conveyancing can ease the strain and help to avoid the pitfalls of the complete commercial leasing or buying/selling process, from noting interest or negotiating the contract to concluding the deal. Our commercial knowledge can also be useful in helping you find a property and advising on and supporting clients with regard to other professionals who may be involved in the transaction. To contact us for more detail, please ‘Click’ on the button above.


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With Free offers and negotiations and with not a penny to pay until your transaction settles, choosing HBC could not be easier. If you are unable to visit your lawyer at the offices we can arrange a work place visit. With our lawyers covering the whole of Scotland meetings can easily be arranged to ensure that your transaction progresses as smoothly as possible. Taking time out to visit legal offices can be avoided, unless you wish to call in. Documents can be emailed or posted to you for signing and return to your lawyer.

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Retail – Leisure – Industrial – Commercial – Leases – Land Acquisition – Hospitality – Commercial Purchase & Sales – Recreational – Offices – Technology – Manufacturing

Edinburgh Commercial leases

Legal Leases for Tenants and Landlords for £495 +vat

Scottish Commercial Leases for £495 +vat

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Scottish Commercial Leases For £495 +vat

Paying for a Commercial Property Lawyer can be excessive and out of proportion to the whole venture. Why pay an initial high fee covering many eventualities? Why not just pay for what you need and keep the costs proportional to the transaction? Keep the expert advice and the service. HBC Commercial Property have teamed up with Experts in the Scottish commercial property market to provide value and expert property advice throughout the whole of Scotland. If you are a small or medium sized business, avoid the commercial high end costs and call HBC Commercial Property now and see how we can help.

Edinburgh Commercial Legal Advice

10 Important lease considerations (the basics)

Price – how much do you have to pay and when; what’s included, can you negotiate a rent free period?

Duration – how long does the lease last and how does damage or distruction change the terms?

Use – check that you can use the property for your intended purpose, and still diversify the business.

Rates – do you know how much you will pay and the exemptions available?

Repairs & Insurance – is the tenant or landlord responsible for this, what about the common parts?

Rent Review – is there one and what might this cost, will your improvements cause the rent to increase?

Survey – consider instructing one to prevent future costs, what happens if defects are found?

Break Clause – is there flexibility for you if you wish to end the lease early?

Termination – how does the lease end and are you entitled to a new lease?

Sublet – can you sublet all or any of the space should you wish to?


Commercial Property

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Leases and the Scots Common Law

In the absence of regulations Scottish landlord and tenant obligations are primarily regulated by what the lease or Contract says rather than by any Act of Parliament. The Landlord and Tenant legislation applying in England does not apply in Scotland and as such the detail within the Contract or Lease is vital.

If a tenant has carried out improvements and or alterations to the property, in the absence of provision in the leases, there will be no right to compensation. This may also have an effect on the rent review as the value of the subjects has increased, unless stipulated that improvements by the tenant do not count towards the review value.

The landlord will normally seek to have the option either to have the property reinstated or left with such additions without any compensation being due. The Scottish courts look at the precise terms of the lease or contract and normally interpret these terms in a strict fashion.

Due to the nature or contract law (and in particular the use of common law) in Scotland there is little legislation in Scotland to override the terms of the lease. The Common Law tends to underpin a general pro-tenant bias in some cases. This really only becomes an issue when a commercial lease has been poorly drafted and is unclear. The tenant’s repairing obligation is a good example – in the absence of express wording in a commercial lease, the tenant will have only limited liability to repair of premises.

There is little statutory protection in Scots law no for occupation: tenants of commercial property in Scotland have extremely limited protection so again the details within the lease or contract is vital There is NO over arching principle of reasonableness built into Scottish leases. Landlords generally do not need to act reasonably unless the lease or contract specifically requires them to do so.

At the end date of the lease: although a lease in Scotland will specify an end date, it will usually only end on that date if a written notice has been given (under the terms of the lease) by either the landlord or the tenant to avoid the lease continuing automatically to remain in force usually on a year to year basis.